Ever or never? That is the question!

20 February 11

Ever wanted to ask someone any delicate question? About their life? About sex???

Now it is possible. Kwizz.me allowes all these questions. You can ask and have answers, you can communicate the way you like, you can find friends...

Kwizz.me is giving people a new way to connect and express themselves. Just like a good conversation in person, Kwizz helps its users do what comes naturally: ask questions and respond with answers, about anything and everything. Kwizz community is made up of people who all have something unique to share.

Kwizz allows you to interface with not only your friends and family, but also people you are interested in – from top brands, to celebrities and athletes to your local government officials to respected business leaders.

Kwizz is as simple as starting a conversation – you ask a question and a friend or someone answer. And vice versa. It’s a fun and easy way to connect with people you know or people you want to know more about, and for your friends to learn more about you.

Just come and vote anonymously and free, or Sign Up For Free and create your own questions.

Do everything you want and ENJOY Kwizzing!